Stephanie attended her first birth at age three, the birth of her brother and can’t remember a time when she didn’t feel called to midwifery.

Stephanie graduated from nursing school in 2005 and has been a pediatric nurse for over 10 years. She has traveled the United States and the world, sometimes as a travel-nurse and sometimes for the pleasure of adventure. In 2010 Stephanie trained as a doula and has found great joy in supporting women and their families during the birthing time.

In 2014 Stephanie began her training as a student-midwife. The same year she experienced her own home-birth and was floored by the magic, incredible beauty and crazy intensity of it all. She is now more certain than ever that she is on the right path.

  • Student Midwife (2014-current)
  • Gottman BBH Educator (2015)
  • NRP certified (2015)
  • BSN (2005)
  • RN (2005)
  • BLS certified (2005)

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Megan believes every woman is entitled to compassionate and supportive care around childbirth. She is committed to being with families through the psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of being pregnant and giving birth. Her work is personalized to each individual situation. She brings to the table personal experience, expertise and training, and a background in Developmental Psychology. Megan has attended over 40 births since 2010 and is available for pregnancy and labor support in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

  • Cultural Competency for Birthwork (2016)
  • Acupressure for Birth Attendants (2014)
  • toLabor Labor Assistant Training (2014)
  • When Sexual Abuse Survivors Give Birth (2013)
  • Spinning Babies (Comfort Measures and Rotation Techniques) (2011)
  • Pregnancy and Labor Massage (2011)
  • Doctorate in Child Development (2008)
Megan’s gentle confidence was an essential part of our wonderful birth. Her calm presence melded perfectly into our birth plan and she intuitively knew the right ways to soothe and inspire us on our special journey.
— Client



Birth, Postpartum + (In)Fertility Doula, Midwife

Debbie's passion is to support an intended parent during their journey into and through the childbearing year. Over a decade ago, she started her career as a doula by attending births. This was part of her early training to become a Certified Professional Midwife. Since that time, she has supported over 300 families in welcoming their babies. Motherhood, however, is not isolated to pregnancy and birth. Often the intended birthing individuals need support during pre-conception, and often after the baby is born. Debbie's role as your doula is to provide you with care so you may feel informed, empowered, and confident wherever you are in your process of building your family.

  • Adult/Child/Infant CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (current)
  • The Maternal Child Health (MCH) Specialist Training (2015)
  • Resolving Neonatal Birth Trauma Training (2015)
  • Arvigo Techniques in Maya Abdominal Therapy-Professional Training (2011)
  • Certified Professional Midwife (2009)
  • BS Midwifery, Birthingway College of Midwifery (2009) 
  • Seattle Midwifery Doula Training (2004)
Debbie was my doula for my first birth. She was an indispensable part of the experience. She has a calm, supportive and comforting presence which helped my husband and I make our son’s birth everything we were hoping for. She is awesome!!!
— Client



Erika sees her doula work as a wonderful mix of roles: educator, researcher, friend, advocate, tea-maker, acupressure practitioner, foot massager, mood lifter, lavender-oil-on-a-cool-cloth provider, dispenser of encouraging words, temporary relief for partners who need to nap or make calls, nervous grandmother soother, fountain of empathy, position suggestor, birth plan facilitator, birth mantra chanter, breastfeeding adviser, unwavering ally.  Above all, she stays calm. Her highest goal is to support mothers’ informed choices. She works to keep the atmosphere collaborative and peaceful in the labor room, and she believes every mother needs to feel powerful. She has been attending births since 2012.

  • Acupressure for Birth Attendants workshop (2014)
  • toLabor Doula Training (2012)
Erika offered such tender care and thoughtful technique with me and my husband …She helped guide me to feel confident in my body. Birth was crazy and awesome. Erika rolled with it all with such ease. She is calm and strong, understanding and full of peace.
— Client


Birth + postpartum Doula 

Reagan became a birth doula to support all birthing people. She is passionate in her support of mothers of multiples and women with high-risk pregnancies to feel empowered in their births. She supports all people, not just those desiring natural childbirth. Sometimes our journey to parenthood takes roads we didn’t intend to travel. Reagan believes that if you feel educated, prepared, safe and loved, you can have an uplifting labor and delivery. She enjoys being actively present in a calm and grounding way for my clients. She looks forward to talking to you and hearing your thoughts on your pregnancy, labor, delivery and time after birth.

  • Finishing doula certification with toLabor
  • Training to be a FullCircle Placenta encapsulation specialist
  • Emergency Health Sciences degree
  • Board member of Birth Matters VA
  • Bereavement training
We loved working with Reagan! She exhibited the perfect level of professionalism for such an intimate occasion; she was kind, insightful, available, well-informed, and totally personable. She put a lot of time and effort into understanding our vision regarding this birth and she was invaluable in helping us achieve it. We absolutely recommend her services as a birth doula and wouldn’t think twice about hiring her for future births.
— Client


Birth Doula

While expecting her first child, Mary researched as much about pregnancy and childbirth as possible. She hired a doula and had such a wonderful experience that she knew she would want to work with a doula again during her 2nd pregnancy and childbirth. Mary then decided to learn to provide other women with the same sort of physical and emotional support that her own doulas had offered. 

•DONA International Birth Doula Training (2015)
•Counselor at Crisis Pregnancy Center (2008-2011)

My husband and I were so blessed to have Mary Mays assist us through the birth of our very first baby boy. Having her there to walk us both through this exciting, yet challenging time, was a huge relief. Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge around the birthing process, she also has a great deal of passion for this special time. We can’t imagine welcoming our precious little boy into this world, without her right there by our side.
— Allison, first-time mom


BIRTH + postpartum doula

Sara has been attending births as a birth doula since training with ToLabor in January of 2010. She has attended births in many different settings and enjoys helping families to understand all of their options and make decisions for their births that are right for them. Sara also offers Bengkung Belly wrapping, a traditional Indonesian way to assist in postpartum healing, and postpartum doula services.

  • Sacred Pregnancy Postpartum Training (2014)
  • ToLabor Professional Doula Training (2011)
  • Spinning Babies with Gail Tully (2011)
She suggested positions ... and knew when to step back and allow me to labor in the way my body told me....Every woman should have a doula for every birth and they should all be as insightful, respectful, and intuitive as Sara.
— V. Cunningham




Rita's goal is to empower women during birth and support every mom/couple in their birth choices. She has assisted with births at Martha Jefferson and UVA hospitals as well as The Birthing Center. She always feels privileged to serve as a doula providing emotional, physical and informational support. She works with the mother's birth partner to help him/her be a part of the birth process. She works respectfully with other healthcare providers; doctors, nurses and midwives. She uses a variety of techniques/interventions during the birthing process and is willing to provide guidance during prenatal meetings.

  • Coordinate and lead a "Comfort Measures Workshops" for OB nurses at UVA to assist with their orientation (2014-2016)
  • Completed "Science of Lactation" at UVA School of Nursing (2015)
  • Certified Birth Doula through DONA International
  • CPR certified infant, child and adult
  • Licensed Occupational Therapist
  • La Leche League Leader for one year
Everyone asks me how I was able to push out my 10lb.13 oz. son without any drugs. My answer is my doula Rita Hunt. My birth experience was incredible and I wouldn’t change a thing. I was so glad to have Rita by my side to help me with breathing/relaxation, massaging by back, collaborating with my doctor on best positions to get my baby to turn, and helping my fiancé feel a part of the process. I couldn’t have don’t it without Rita’s support and guidance!
— Audra




  • Current CPM, National College of Midwifery
  • DONA International Birth Doula Training (2008)
  • Lactation Training (2008)
  • Bradley Method Childbirth Education Training (2007)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Virginia Tech (2001)





Zoe's inspiration for becoming a doula arrived with the birth of her daughter. She knew she wanted to support women through this sacred and profound life event. Her goal is to provide relevant information to the pregnant and laboring woman so that she can make informed decisions, physical, and emotional support. She honors the individual journey of each mother-to-be, regardless of how events unfold. It is awe-inspiring to see women access their innate power and wisdom as their baby develops, is born, and adjusts to life on earth. Zoe would love to be your ally in birth!



Trained at Natural Resources and by the Bay Area Doula Project in San Francisco, Gwen is committed to reproductive justice. She is the founder of local doula agency Bright Birthing and has attended over 60 births since 2010.

Gwen volunteers with Birth Matters VA and for several years produced, highly-polished content with quarterly magazine SQUAT Birth Journal.

Beyond her degree in literature/religion and work toward a Masters in traditional Chinese medicine, additional studies have included Prenatal Yoga Teacher training; Prenatal Massage; Trauma to Triumph; and Penny Simkin's When Survivors Give Birth.

  • Natural Resources Core Doula Training
  • Bay Area Doula Project Abortion Doula Training
  • Essentials of Prenatal Massage 
  • Trauma to Triumph
  • When Survivors Give Birth
  • Academy of Experiential Midwifery Education (one year)
Thank you so much for everything! I would pay you a million dollars if we had it! You helped us achieve everything we wanted of our birth experience (complete with watermelon and Bob Marley)...Thank you again for being so incredibly talented at what you do and for being such a beautiful soul. Your presence will always be intertwined with the most incredible experience of our lives and we will be forever grateful! I will always cherish my (marathon) birth experience.
— Kim



Jen is a prenatal yoga teacher and midwife's assistant. She has attended over 60 births as a birth doula, both in hospital and home. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health.

  • Academy of Midwifery with Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM (2014-2105)
  • Co-Coordinator, Birth EXPO (2011-2014)
  • Spinning Babies Workshop with Gail Tully, CPM (2011)
  • Co-Director, Charlottesville Yoga School (2008-2013) 
  • 200-hour RYT Certificate with OmmMama prenatal teacher certification (2005)
Jen’s knowledge helped me turn the baby from facing sideways to facing downward (which was hard work!). She was great with the nurses, doctor, and my husband. And most importantly - me. She helped me keep my sense of humor, relax when I could, and work when I needed to.

She helped me stay relaxed and I had the most amazing birth I could have ever imagined. She was absolutely instrumental in that. She became part of our family that day - and I will never forget it.
— M.V.



Rachel trained with Doula Trainings International in 2016. As a Registered Nurse with a decade of experience, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as doula. She supported dozens of women during the birth process as a labor and delivery nurse and has experience with unmedicated and medicated births, cesarean birth, and bereavement. In primary care pediatrics, she cared for hundreds of babies and families.

Rachel earned a BSN from the University of Virginia and a certificate in Global Health from UAB-Birmingham. She has experience working with survivors of trauma in the nonprofit setting and is passionate about incorporating trauma-informed care into birth.

  • Trained as a birth and postpartum doula with DTI (2016) 
  • Training in Trauma-Informed Care through SUNY-Buffalo School of Social Work (2013)
  • Registered Nurse with experience in Labor and Delivery and Primary Care Pediatrics (2005-Present)
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Virginia
  • Certificate in Global Health with emphasis in Maternal/Child Health
  • Certified in Basic Life Support (CPR) by AHA
  • Past certification in Neonatal Resuscitation Protocol by the American Academy of Pediatrics



Born and raised in Texas, Whitney moved to Charlottesville in 2007. She had her first baby in 2010 and her second in 2013. She and her husband hired a wonderful doula for the first birth, and Whitney became interested in becoming a doula herself.  

  • Birth Arts doula training workshop (2015)


Budding branches birth

Maggie is a country girl who prefers going barefoot to wearing shoes.  She was raised in Buckingham and currently resides in Scottsville with her husband and two beautiful children.  Maggie studied at UVa, double majoring in Global Development Studies and Sociology, and minoring in African Studies.  While her degrees did not focus solely on birth, Maggie has always been drawn to the maternal-infant health aspects of her fields of study.

Maggie finds birth work to be soul satisfying.  She is deeply moved by the strength of our bodies, the incredible love of partners, and by witnessing sweet babies’ first breaths.

  • Providing Culturally Sensitive Care to LGBTQ Families, MAIA Midwifery (2016)
  • Spinning Babies Workshop (2016)
  • Birth Doula-Activist Training with toLabor
  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss with the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death
  • Maternal Child Healthcare Specialist the JJ Way (class instruction segment) with the Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery
Through the whole birth and after, Maggie made sure our wishes were honored and accepted change in our wishes. She is truly talented and gifted in this profession. She has a true passion for this and it comes out in her actions.
— Client



Jaide Stover comes to us from Colorful Colorado, where she received her training as a Birth Doula under the mentorship of Katie Wise. Integrating nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, and meditation into a holistic program for expectant families, Jaide is passionate about bringing the mindbody connection to the forefront of pregnancy health and wellness.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Rhetorical Communication & Women's Studies
  • Birth Doula training, Katie Wise, Boulder, Colorado
  • 200hr RYT, Shambhava Yoga Center, Boulder, Colorado
  • 80hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certificate, The Mamahood', Denver, Colorado
  • Herbalist Apprentice Certificate at The Elderberry, Charlottesville, VA
  • Student at Sacred Plant Traditions, Charlottesville, VA
Jaide is a wonderful person and was perfect for us. She seemed to always come up with suggestions at the right times while listening to our needs, wishes and desires almost all of the time. It never felt like she was trying to push us one way or another but rather like she was just trying to be there for us however she could. Nicola went through 26 hours of labor followed by an emergency C-section and Jaide stayed with us the entire time, waiting in our room while Nicola was in surgery. As a husband, I thought I could do it all and take care of my wife, but I cannot stress how much we both ended up relying on Jaide to help. Within a few hours of being in the hospital, the three of us had built a tight knit connection and we felt like a family in it for the long-haul and sticking together no matter what.
— Lyle



Julie has attended births in hospitals and birth centers; induced and spontaneous; epidurals and un-medicated; water births, VBACS, long labors and short. She has worked with couples, single moms, first babies and babies with siblings. She has provided postpartum support in NICUs, homeless shelters and homes. She offers services to fit a variety of needs and budgets and is a certified holistic doula through The Matrona. 

  • Move Your DNA (2016)
  • Spinning Babies (2015)
  • Acupressure for Birth Attendants (2014)
  • Breastfeeding Resources, Applications and Skills for Doulas (2013)
  • Rebozo Uses in Pregnancy and Birth (2012)
  • TENS Unit Use in Labor (2012)
  • Birth Doula Training, Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations (2011)
  • Matrona Holistic Doula Certification Program (2011)
Julie was my doula for 3 births including an emergency c-section, a 39 hour Vbac, and a 4.5 hour V2bac. Each of my postpartum periods she helped me adjust emotionally and physically. Anything that needed doing, she would do: childcare, cooking, cleaning, etc. I could not recommend her more highly.
— Melissa Drumheller



Hannah completed a two year midwifery training program, during which time she continued attending births. Her midwifery training includes assisting with prenatals, labor & delivery, and postpartum care. In 2014, Hannah joined Bright Birthing doulas. As part of this team, Hannah hosts play dates, plans free events, and participates in birth-related activities throughout the community. She is honored to provide doula services, breastfeeding support, and diaper free coaching to local families. 

  • Academy of Experiential Midwifery Education, student midwife
  • Go Diaper Free Certified Elimination Communication and Gentle Potty Training Coach
  • Volunteer breastfeeding support leader